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At AVG Import and Distributor Limited, we strive to provide genuine Korean and Japanese auto parts to our clients. Our wide product range includes all kinds of Kia, Hino, Hyundai, Mazda and Toyota auto parts. Apart from serving your clientele the best quality items, we also ensure that they get it at competitive rates. To give you an exact idea of what you will get at AVG Import and Distributor Limited, scroll down:

Over the past years, we have gained a reputation of being completely dedicated to our clients across the country. You may get in touch to obtain parts for:

  • ✓ Hino
  • ✓ Nissan
  • ✓ Kia
  • ✓ Mazda
  • ✓ Toyota
  • ✓ Hyundai Trucks & Cars

We have earned our name across Jamaica for delivering right kind of products at the specified time within the budget of the clients. We seek to attain utmost customer satisfaction with our outstanding services and deliveries. At AVG, we wish to walk an extra mile to perform and deliver what you want, and still hold the saying “Customer is King” close to our heart.

To build everlasting relationship with our esteemed clients, we, from time to time, come up with various offers and heavy discounts on our product range. We do not wish to leave any stone unturned to serve our best to our customers.